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Some Instructions:

As promised here are the instructions for the handmade glass tile pendants. These are so easy to do. Here are some supplies you will need:

  • Diamond Glaze
  • Handmade Glass tiles: can be purchased here: Little Workshop
  • Silver Bales: Can be purchased here: Raydichroic
  • Japanese Washi Chiyogami Yuzen Paper: can be purchase here:  SupplyRiot

You may be able to find different suppliers- I have used these Etsy sellers and have had great service from them.

I always give myself the freedom to mess up a few times when trying out something new so keeping that in mind…

1. The first step is to pick out a small area of the paper pattern you find pleasing and trim out 2 small squares. Adhere with wrong sides facing each other. (this will allow your back side to show off the pretty paper as well as the front and gives it a nice finished look.

2. Wash and dry your glass tile. Apply Diamond Glaze directly to your glass on the rough side making sure to cover it completely and place it on top of the small square of paper – (not too much glaze but not too little~this is where the messing up might come in to play) and hold firmly until you can see it’s adhered and there’s no chance of the glaze bubbling or the paper pulling way from the glass.

Once dry you can always trim away any extra with a crafters knife. Take special care to keep the front and sides of glass free from glaze. I have also used scissors with success as well.

You can also brush the glaze onto the paper, lay it on waxed paper and position the glass tile in place again pressing until there are no bubbles. I use a tooth pick to help smooth the glaze over the paper and tile.

3) After your tile is completely dry you can apply the silver bail to the backside with your diamond glaze or E6000 adhesive. I prefer diamond glaze as it seems to do the job and I can avoid the fumes of the E6000 adhesive.

You can add any necklace you choose- ball chain is popular but your local craft store sells cord, chain and necklaces that you might like as well.

If anyone has any questions at all please feel free to email me 🙂

Quadrant Book, Centerpiece Book, Room Book

Some of you have emailed re: a template for this piece: Disney Centerpiece Book

and you can find that template here and all you  have to do is just be creative and add whatever you like.

Kodak Centerpiece Template


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Back again……

OMG did I ever take a blogging break or what?? Between home improvements, fall cleaning (and I’m not done THAT yet..) doing a couple  assignments and getting ready for the upcoming crop late November I have been neglectful. Some of you have emailed about a tutorial on the glass pendants and I’ll post a new sample with instructions by Monday at the latest- Promise.

The only thing I can show you is a halloween test tube treat I made for a sweet friend in a “lets mingle” swap 🙂 I was thrilled that this years M&M’s matched my K& Company Halloween paper from last year. Thanks for visiting!

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